High Country Propane in Gardnerville Nevada

Serving Minden, Gardnerville, Wellington and Topaz Lake in NV and Markleeville, Coleville, Walker & Bridgeport in CA.

Life on the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada mountains is beautiful. The communities around US Hwy 395 in Douglas, Alpine and Mono counties are a great place to live and work as long as you don’t mind cold winter weather. The same low temperatures that bring winter snow also make High Country Propane a useful propane service provider for local residents and business operators.  High Country Propane Gardnerville NV As a local propane company serving Western Nevada and Eastern California, we’re here to provide the energy that allows people to live where they want, how they want. If you live or work in the area and you need help with propane, please call us at +1 (775) 783-8369.

High Country Propane in Gardnerville is the local propane delivery company for people who want the comforts of good living.  Our customers are typically people who appreciate the value of a full-service company – we provide everything from pre-installation site checks and ASME propane tank rental to gas appliance conversions and cellular propane tank fuel level monitors. Propane appliances maximize the economic efficiency of propane as a heat source so you enjoy the warmth and save on energy too. Our propane delivery service makes all of this better living easy.


We provide safe, friendly, and reliable propane delivery for homes, businesses, farms, and ranches in Douglas, Alpine, and Mono counties. Call us at +1 (775) 783-8369 for help when you need; High Country Propane on US Hwy 395 South in Gardnerville NV

  • Propane Delivery for your Home, Ranch or Business
  • Propane Tank Installation
  • Propane System Maintenance or Repair


We are a full-service propane provider. That means when you call us, our job is to do the work for you.

  1. First, we’re going to help you figure out what you need to stay safe and comfortable.
  2. We’ll tell you about our discount programs to help you control your energy bills.
  3. We’ll explain how our SMART System tank monitors can help you save on propane.
  4. We provide an ASME-certified propane tank as part of our service.
  5. Our goal is to make your propane supply simple, economical, and worry-free.
  6. For information about installation or a delivery quote, give us a call at +1 (775) 783-8369.


We offer a variety of discounts that help you keep your energy bills under control. 

  • Senior (55+)
  • Routed Delivery
  • SMART System Tank Monitor
  • EZ-Saver Budget Payment Plan
  • Auto-Pay (by checking account draft or credit card)

If you are new to propane, we’re happy to help you learn what everyone should know about using liquid propane in gas service. That means we’ll take the time to make sure you understand the topics that all domestic propane delivery in Eastern CA and Western NV - High Country Propane Gardnerville NVpropane users need to know. Here are a few examples.

  • The basics of propane (physical properties of the liquid and gas)
  • The propane market season (prices climb in Fall, peak in Winter, drop-in Spring and bottom out in Summer).
  • Bulk delivery options (routed vs. will-call) and why we sincerely encourage routed delivery.
  • Common misconceptions and frequently asked questions.

Please call us if you have questions or need service. We are always happy to help a new customer and we’ll be grateful for the chance to compete for your business. Call today – +1 (775) 783-8369.

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