Local Propane Delivery for your Home or Business

High Country Propane delivery is the affordable and convenient way to get the energy you need to the places where you live and work.domestic propane delivery in Eastern CA and Western NV - High Country Propane Gardnerville NV

We have the right people, proper equipment and resources to make propane service easy for you.

Why should you choose High Country Propane?

  • We’re a family-owned company and we care about our customers, not our stock price.
  • We believe in local service and we’ll always support you from a local office.
  • We’re dedicated to worry-free service so we offer SMART System tank monitors.

Are you looking for a new local propane company?

If you live in Eastern Arizona or Western New Mexico, call our Eagar office at (928) 333-9900.

If you live in Western Nevada or Eastern California, call our Gardnerville office at (775) 783-8369. High Country Propane delivery service in Gardnerville NV

What do we want you to know about our propane delivery service?

We aim to deliver the best local propane service with resources to make using propane easy for you.

Here’s what that means.

We encourage routed propane delivery – that means we take responsibility for your supply. When your tank has less than 30% of it’s capacity left, we schedule your next delivery for a time when we’ll be in your area. Here’s why.

We care about delivery efficiency – specifically it matters to us when we are trying to keep your energy bills low. Delivering propane at affordable rates requires careful planning so that we maximize the value of our drivers, trucks and fuel. Which brings us to…

We have the SMART System – our Safety Monitoring and Remote Tracking System connects to our at your house or business and reports your fuel level to us via landline phone or cellular service. It’s how we help you save on propane by making our propane delivery service extra-reliable.

Order routed delivery and get a SMART monitor for your tank at no extra charge!

We offer convenience too – if you have simplified your life with paperless billing and electronic bill payment, we offer both of those options. We also offer electronic account access through our payment portal so you can see the details of your deliveries, charges and payments 24/7.

Our Agreement is hook-free – and what that means is that when you sign up to become our customer, you agree to a two-year term but we don’t have cancellation penalties. If we can’t keep you happy, leaving us is your option – at any time.

But enough about us – what about the other propane companies you could choose?

There are gigantic propane companies that serve nearly every state in the country and have their stock traded on Wall Street.

Their seductive promotional pricing is tied to long-term contracts (with pages and pages of fine print).

Their local support may come from a different time zone (or country). They make propane service feel like cable TV.


There are also smaller independent companies that offer service to local areas.

Their employees aren’t always properly trained with the Propane Education and Research Council’s Certified Employee Training Program.

Their delivery system isn’t always modern which can leave you relying on outdated technology when the days are short and nights are cold.


The choice is yours and we believe that for every kind of customer, there is a proper service provider. If you remember the story of Goldilocks, you probably remember that she tried a few beds before she found the one that was just right. We want you to settle in with the company that makes sense for you and if you give us a chance, we’ll do our best to make it safe, comfortable and affordable.


For service information from our Eagar office, please call us at (928) 333-9900.

For service information from our Gardnerville, please call us at (775) 783-8369.

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