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We welcome your inquiries about our propane services, propane pricing, and promotional offers for new customers. We do our best to make your propane delivery service worry-free. We take pride in offering service that comes with a smile, a friendly handshake, and a consistent focus on safety. We work every day to be the most reliable local propane service provider in the communities we serve.

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Benefits of propane in the High Country – from High Country Propane

High Country Propane is an ideal energy source for living affordably in comfort. Clean-burning, American-made propane is non-toxic, non-contaminating and it delivers a more cost-efficient source of heat vs. electricity. The heat from a propane furnace or fireplace is heat you can feel – it warms your hands, face, and feet when it’s cold outside. If you are heating your home or business with electricity you are not only paying high bills for the inefficiency of electric heat you are also experiencing the chills of the electric heat pump where the “warm” air feels cold on your skin. Ask anyone who has a propane furnace if they would switch to electric and they’ll tell you – propane is the best way to deliver affordable heat.

For living how you want and where you want, propane delivers the energy you need for an affordable, comfortable life. High Country Propane delivers the service you want along with the propane you need. That means our employees are trained to the industry standard with the Propane Education and Research Council’s Certified Employee Training Program. It also means you can count on our integrity, courtesy, and desire to keep you safe! We think the best way to provide service to local communities is with a local office, local employees, and a local person in charge.

When you need something or if you have any problems, our people are nearby and ready to help. In addition, we offer our SMART System monitors for your propane tank that report your propane supply level back to our office so we can offer you routed delivery that is exceptionally reliable. Our SMART System delivers information about your fuel level so we can schedule your routed delivery to maximize the efficiency of our deliveries and keep your propane cost as low as possible. By knowing when you need fuel (and when you don’t) we can be certain that our trucks don’t make unnecessary stops that waste time and drive up your bills. Fewer stops for us means lower bills for you!

Propane Tank Installation by High Country Propane

We provide our propane tanks as part of our service so High Country Propane is the simple choice when you need propane tank installation. If you buy a propane tank, you will not only own the tank – you will also own the devices that are attached to the tank (valves, gauges, and regulator). The tanks can last for generations when they are properly maintained but the other devices occasionally fail over time. The failure of a valve or gauge will require a service that temporarily takes the tank out of commission and results in repair bills for labor and parts. Your homeowner’s insurance company may impose conditions on your use of a user-owned tank – call your insurance agent for their policy terms on customer-owned propane tanks. Using our tank is easy, doesn’t cost much and it makes that part of the system our responsibility.

Make one call to us and we’ll set you up with an affordable solution that includes installation, an ASME-certified propane tank sized for your home or business, and a safety inspection of your entire gas system. From the first step to the last, we make your propane tank installation easy.

If you want to change propane companies, we also make that process simple. If you have propane in your existing tank we can work with you to arrange the transition. If you run out of propane and need an immediate propane delivery we’ll do our best to get you the help you need.

Domestic Propane Delivery Service High Country Propane

Propane Discount Programs

We have a collection of discounts that you can bundle to maximize your savings. Senior Discount for Propane Delivery starting at only 55 years young. Routed Delivery discount for being on our pre-scheduled delivery program. Landline SMART Monitor Discount for Propane delivery with our SMART System fuel monitor. Automatic Payment Discount by checking account draft or credit card auto payment. EZ Saver Budget Payment for equal monthly payments and simple energy budgeting.

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