Your Local Propane Company in the Arizona, Nevada and California’s High Country

  • Propane Sales & Delivery in the high country in Arizona, Nevada and California.
  • Propane Services for family homes, farms, ranches and businesses.
  • Propane Tanks – we supply 250 and 500 gallon propane tanks for an annual service fee.
  • Propane Tank Installations – Above and underground propane tank installation for your home or business.
  • Propane System Maintenance & Repairs – we fix the problems that waste propane & create safety hazards.

Call us today for information about propane tank installation and propane delivery for your home or business. Opening a new account only takes a few minutes and we do our best to make installation appointments easy. 

Call +1 (928) 333-9900 for propane service in Eagar, Springerville, Greer, Alpine, Nutrioso, St. Johns, Luna, Reserve or Alma (in Apache or Catron County).


Call +1 (775) 783-8369 for propane service in Minden, Gardnerville, Wellington, Topaz Lake, Markleeville, Coleville, Walker or Bridgeport (in Douglas, Alpine and Mono counties).


We’re the local propane company for folks who want propane delivery that’s reliable and affordable. We live here, work here and wouldn’t want it any other way. When you allow us to be your propane company, we’re going to be accountable for your expectations of safety, courtesy and integrity.


Choosing your propane company is an important decision when you live in the mountains. The quality of the company you select will impact the safety and comfort of your day to day life. It’s about keeping you warm on cold winter nights. It’s about your warm shower after a long day outside. It’s about the hot meal you enjoy with your family and friends. We get it. It’s not just about propane – it’s about what you do with propane.We’re determined to provide the best combination of friendly, reliable propane service along with safe, affordable propane delivery.


Here’s what we stand for;


  • Safety First – our team is dedicated to the safety of your family, your home and our community. No shortcuts.
  • Great Propane Service – the best in the business – not just in our area, in any area. We stand by the quality of our work.
  • Best Value Pricing – our goal is to provide you with an honest price for great service. With discounts that make sense and add up.
  • Straight Talk – your questions deserve simple answers and we’ll do our best to square up your business in plain terms.


If you are new to the area, welcome! We’re here to help you get settled in with a safe and reliable energy solution. High Country Propane delivery service in Gardnerville NVOur goal is to make your propane service worry-free. That means your propane tank installation is quick and affordable, your propane deliveries are on-time and your propane bills are never sky-high. To learn more about what we can do for you, call us today in Eagar at +1 (928) 333-9900 or in Gardnerville at +1 (775) 783-8369.


If you are a long-time local resident and you need a new propane company, we’re ready to help. High Country Propane Delivery for homes and businesses. You will not be disappointed if you give us the chance to show you how hard we’ll work to be the best propane company in the area. We pride ourselves on doing the job right and we’re ready to compete for your business. We can handle almost anything you need – propane tank installations, new gas piping, safety inspections, leak testing – when it comes to propane service we’re the go-to local company!


Are you building a new home or renovating? We install propane tanks and gas piping for new construction, additions and renovation projects and we can work with your builder to help you save money! Call us to schedule a consultation.


Are you new to propane? We regularly help out folks who are getting propane service for the 1st time. It’s really not that complicated but you’ll appreciate the benefits of working with our team – we’re happy to help you sort through the options we offer for propane service and the discounts we can apply to keep your propane bills under control. Give us a call in Eagar at +1 (928) 333-9900 or in Gardnerville at +1 (775) 783-8369 and we’ll help you sort it out. We’re happy to answers questions and your call is welcome.

Commercial Propane Delivery


If you run a business in the high country, your commercial propane delivery is more than just a service. It’s an economic lifeline. Whether you operate a retail business twelve months a year or a seasonal operation, having propane when you need it is our business. We provide tanks, propane delivery and dispenser systems for local businesses who really on propane for heat, production, processing and motor fuel. If you need propane for your company, give us a call!

domestic propane delivery in Eastern CA and Western NV - High Country Propane Gardnerville NV
Our commercial customers turn to us for the combination of exceptional reliability and friendly service. We’re happy to help you!


Propane Tank Installation

We install propane tanks for new homes and commercial buildings in addition to swapping out tanks when another company is removed from service. You can call us for a free estimate on installations (above and underground).

Propane System Maintenance

We recommend that our customers allow us to provide one of our tanks as part of our service. When we provide the tank our service includes the maintenance of the tank, valves, gauges and regulator. That means if something goes wrong you can expect us to make it right (unless it’s an appliance or internal piping issue).

If you own your own tank, we’ve got experienced people ready to help you when you need system maintenance or repairs. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. The biggest challenge when you own a tank is that in order to replace one of the devices that connects to the tank you have to take the tank out of service and in the winter that’s a hassle.

We Provide Local Propane Services to the following communities

Eagar Arizona, Springerville Arizona, Greer Arizona, Alpine Arizona, St Johns Arizona, Nutrioso Arizona, Reserve New Mexico, Alma New Mexico and Luna New Mexico.

Gardnerville Nevada, Minden Nevada, Wellington Nevada, Topaz Lake Nevada, Markleeville California, Coleville California, Walker California, Bridgeport California

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